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Nuray has worked both in the private and public sector in industries varying from technology, airline, and banking to government, education, and health. In her career of 10+ years working for and with various organisations and teams, here are some quotes…


I have been working on and off with Nuray for the last four years in different roles. In all (collaborative) projects I considered Nuray’s role, way of working and her personality a great added value to the team. She combines creativity, agility, curiosity and the ability to structure things very rapidly. And she has a serious set of social skills otherwise she couldn’t have worked with me ;-) [2014]
— Ger Baron, Chief Technology Officer at City of Amsterdam

Nuray is a very ambitious professional who helps leadership, management and colleagues to envision and implement innovation. She has a unique skillset, experience, expertise and network around IT, innovation and organizational development. She has an intuition for how innovation processes actually work and has the capabilities to evoke change. I experienced Nuray in her excellent work for the Open Innovation Festival in Amsterdam, her job at the IT department and the initiative EU4Commons. She worked as a loyal, independent, high performing young professional. [2012]
— Henk de Jong, Deputy Commissioner Strategy Director at Police Netherlands

I worked with Nuray for the formulation of a Technology innovation group in KLM-IS. Nuray is one of the most dynamic professionals I have ever met. The drive and professionalism she irradiates is contagious and made it very stimulating to work with her. [2009]
— Jorge Andres Osorio Socha, Digital Development Manager at Air France-KLM